We defend our clients’ interests in all types of criminal law, cybercrime, civil and commercial proceedings.

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Defence against cyber-attacks

Legal protection against cybercrime.
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  • Legal defence of companies and individuals.
  • Assistance to victims of cyber-incidents.
  • Cybercrime prevention.
  • Hacking, identity theft, fraud, harassment, crimes against intimacy.

Economic Criminal Law

Defence and legal advice in economic crimes.
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  • Filing of complaints and legal assistance to victims.
  • Legal defence of defendants and persons under investigation for economic crimes.
  • Preparation of reports on the viability of legal actions.
  • Fraud, misappropriation, punishable insolvency, unfair administration, falsification of accounts or corruption in business.

Commercial litigation

Advice and legal direction in all types of commercial proceedings.
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Challenging corporate agreements.

Breach of commercial contracts.

Actions for liability of administrators.

Preventive analysis to identify risks and legal conflicts.

Criminal Liability of Legal Entities

Comprehensive service in the prevention and legal defence of crimes committed by legal persons.
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Legal defence in court.

Appearing as private prosecutor, exercising the action of injured parties or victims.

Preparation of reports on the viability of legal actions.

Audit and implementation of a crime prevention model.

Civil Liability

Individualised legal advice on contractual and non-contractual civil liability litigation.
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  • Right to honour, privacy and self-image.
  • Non-contractual liability in case of damage caused by negligence or gross negligence.
  • Obligations and contracts.
  • Consumer law on the internet and e-commerce.


UBT Legal’s team of lawyers will defend your interests in different types of proceedings. Our objective will be to solve the conflict avoiding undue delays and unnecessary costs.


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